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Thursday, February 11, 2016
Did you know?

Saskatchewan has interprovincial agreements with post-secondary institutions in other provinces to reserve seats in specific health discipline programs for Saskatchewan students.

What educational programs are involved in the interprovincial agreements?

  • Denturist - NAIT in Edmonton, AB
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging - NAIT in Edmonton, AB
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics- BCIT in Burnaby, BC
  • Occupational Therapy - U of A in Edmonton, AB
  • Optometry - U of W in Waterloo, ON
  • Respiratory Therapy - SAIT in Calgary, AB
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology- SAIT in Calgary, AB
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography - SAIT in Calgary, AB

For more information on these programs please contact the schools directly.

Are there any bursaries available?

Yes. Saskatchewan Health has bursaries available for students studying in some of the health programs. Learn more about the Health Provider Bursary Program.

What are the job prospects in Saskatchewan for these occupations?

All of these occupations are considered to have above average to excellent job outlooks for people trained in these fields.

Saskatchewan Health provides Career Profiles for these as well as other health occupations.

What exactly does the interprovincial agreement involve?

Saskatchewan pays the host province the education cost for a specific number of students. The Saskatchewan student applies directly to the educational program, knowing there are a specific number of spaces available for students from this province. Students are required to pay tuition and living expenses. Saskatchewan Student Loans maybe an option.

Why do we have interprovincial agreements?

These programs offer training in health disciplines that are critical to the labour market in Saskatchewan but are required in such small numbers that a training program in each province would not have enough students to be sustainable.

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