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Saturday, February 06, 2016

The Saskatchewan Scholarship of Honour recognizes Saskatchewan men and women serving in the Canadian Forces. The value of the Scholarship is $5,000.

To be eligible, a candidate must be:

  • enrolled in a post-secondary institution anywhere in Canada with a program of study start date on or after March 2, 2009; and
  • a returning soldier who actively served in designated military operations in the Canadian Forces (Regular or Reserves), after January 2001; and
  • a returning soldier who is a current or former Saskatchewan resident; or
  • the spouse or child of a permanently disabled or deceased soldier* who served in designated military operations after January 2001 and who is or was a Saskatchewan resident.

    *The permanent disability or death must have occurred while on a designated military operation or as a result of a designated military operation.

Returning soldiers and their family (spouse and children) all may apply for the scholarship concurrently.

Scholarship awards are initiated by the candidate’s application. The Ministry of Advanced Education will work with the federal government to distribute scholarship information to returning soldiers and their families.

Apply for the Scholarship of Honour

In addition to the completed application form, a copy of the following documentation is required to support a candidate’s application:

  • Unit Employment Record with documentation of service; or
  • Medical documentation to support disability claim; and
  • Confirmation of enrolment at a post-secondary institution in Canada (to be completed within 30 days of the course of study start date) on a form provided by Student Services upon award of the scholarship. 

Successful applicants will be issued a tax slip (T4A) for income tax purposes. 

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